Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bumpin'... 28 Weeks in the Sun

Dear Friends,

I'm a month behind with the bump updates- That's what happens when you're getting busy living. The weekend of week 28 was spent at the Emerald Beach coastal fare, where we enjoyed freshly squeezed sweet, pulpy orange juice and I met a tall surfer named Todd.

Todd is a former colleague of Byron's, he cooks at a local restaurant and spends the rest of his days with his family by the beach. He shared several funny stories, including one where he caught a ferry, then cycled 12 kilometres on an old bike with a backpack containing a bottle of water and a couple of homemade sandwiches slung over one arm and his surfboard tucked tightly under the other. Todd spent the day surfing point breaks under a blistering sun and returned, famished to his bike as the light began to fade only to discover that some crafty currawongs had opened the zip on his bag and devoured his lunch.
We were in stitches! I could imagine this annoyed, tall bronzed, broad-shouldered surfer gulping down his water during a long 12 kilometre ride and hour long ferry trip before he could eventually eat.

If you've ever surfed, you will understand how hungry this guy must have been after a gruelling day of physical exertion in the water. Now one crucial piece of information I forgot to divulge is that Todd chases the big waves- The scary ones that freak out the average surfy Joe from the shore. His stomach must have been howling.


Following the markets we wandered along the coastal walk between several headlands. On the exposed cliff tops the cool breeze chilled our faces and tousled our hair. Every now and then we stopped to watch the kangaroos graze in the shade, we even stumbled across the old graves of two unknown souls, lost at sea during a collision between two ships. The danger of this treacherous section of the coast is very cleverly cloaked by it's haunting beauty.


28 Weeks: This week my energy returned, and then some. I felt new life return to my body with every breath of sea air into my lungs. Heart pounding in my chest during each steep ascent and steadying to a regular lub-dub during our descent to a quiet beach where we dipped our toes in the water.

Pecan, you certainly have grown and as we entered the first week of our final trimester together, I have never before felt your presence so strongly. You are most active during the evenings when I lay down to rest or after I consume a cool, sweet, pulpy orange juice...

Byron, your excitement at the growth of my belly fills me with joy. This week you have helped out so much at home, despite your longer working hours. I am grateful for the efforts and sacrifices you have made to accommodate me when I toss and turn in bed, flush the toilet in the middle of the night, and skip from one unrelated topic to the next with this crazy pregnancy chatter that fills our conversations.

I have to thank B for documenting this pregnancy for us. I love his enthusiasm for climbing sharp rocks to capture different angles. Most of the pictures in this post were taken by him.

28 weeks has been wonderful.

Bella xx


  1. these pictures are so gorgeous! Also, I never thought overalls could look so cute! hahha



    1. Hi Laura, thank you for your comment. I was very, very grateful those overalls were stretchy :)
      Bella xx

  2. These pictures are just stunning! :)

    1. Thank you Sarah. My husband took most of them and I am so very grateful to him for capturing these moments xx


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Love Bella xx


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