Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bumpin'... Week 27 and Wild Mountain Adventures

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair.
-Kahlil Gibran

This week saw us travel across the tiny apple state to ancient Huon pine forests and freshwater lakes stained deep gold with the tannins of the woods. We ventured across rugged rocky outcrops, along forgotten walking trails and explored the green natural environment set against silver lakes and azure skies.

The chilly mountain air of the Tasmanian Wilderness filled our lungs with each wholesome breath of our steep climb through the alpine forests. Crimped leaves of deciduous beech trees glowed in various shades, from dark emerald to bright ruby and soft yellows. Here, we rested against white boulders to marvel at the glassy bodies of water between steep peaks.

Pecan slept in my swollen belly as I rocked my sweet babe gently for hours upon hours of hiking amongst delicate mosses that covered every surface from fallen green giants to the damp earth. The only cravings came in the form of fresh icy water and crisp, delicious sweet apples.

Together with B, we made unwritten plans to return to this place at a different time of the day in a different season of the year to witness new colours, foliage and wildlife. These forests are forever changing and here, in the heart of the wilderness we feel a deep connection to nature.

Not visitors but tiny parts of a larger ecosystem. Part of Mother Earth.

Bella xx


  1. k your pictures are amazing! I love nature and this post just captures the epitome of a beautiful day in the outdoors. :)

    <3 laura

    1. Thank you, Laura. A clear day in the mountain air does wonders for the soul.
      It's so easy to day dream about nature when you've been living and breathing it at every opportunity.

  2. Lovely pictures!! :)

    1. Thank you. Byron and I take all the pictures in this blog. I've been very fortunate that he has documented this pregnancy. There are some wonderful memories here...


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