Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bumpin'... 29 Weeks and Lazy Winter Mornings

Life has been pretty sweet lately. Lazy winter mornings have been spent dozing in bed with B and a snoring puppy curled up beside my feet. We've treated ourselves to sweet, buttery pancakes dripping with homemade lemony-orange syrup. I've enjoyed late night reading by warm lamplight and the occasional neck and shoulder massage from B.

Thick socks have been pulled over cold toes to protect us from the cool bamboo floors. I open the shutters every morning to bathe in the soft winter morning light. As the temperature gradually rises, I take Pecan outside to rest on the balcony for a few quiet moments of uninterrupted sunshine on my belly.

Sure I have to work on Monday but that feels like an eternity away...

Bella xx


  1. Your bump is growing beautifully! Take care lovely xo

  2. Thank you. I'm embracing the changes in my body, from darker pigments to healthier hair and clearer skin. The bump is a reminder that something truly wonderful is happening. xx


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Love Bella xx


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