Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bumpin'... 31 Weeks by the Rock Pools

Sunshine, blue skies reflected on the water and laughter. 31 weeks has been colourful, playful and fulfilling. We've been to our first antenatal class and met some interesting folk who are also expecting their first babies. Some of the couples are renovating, moving or building new homes. To me, the inexperienced girl, this all seems to be cutting the deadlines very fine when a baby is due. I'm reminded that people are capable of remarkable feats when the time calls for it. Somehow we just seem to manage, we make do with what time and resources we have available to complete tasks and I'm often astounded at the achievements that people have made, ourselves included.

Pecan is reaching the size of a small coconut, tucked safely inside my belly as Byron, Coco and I wander the long, deserted shores of the golden beaches. We returned to the rock pools at low tide one afternoon where I rested with Coco, watching the skilful aerial display of different species of waterbirds.

Coco introduced herself (in true small dog-style, barking and wagging her tail) to a young family, who were fishing from the shore. It turns out the lady was a colleague of B's from the restaurant. To see this young family enjoying the vast, open beach together on a warm winter's afternoon was like having a personal glimpse into the very near future for us.

In a little over two months, we too will be a seaside family. With this gorgeous man by my side, I feel calm and ready.

Bella xx

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