Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bumpin'... 32 Weeks Filled with Love and Friendship

I love it when friends come to stay. In my 32nd week of pregnancy, this sweet girl, Kailee and her beautiful husband, Lachlan came to share a long weekend with us at the beach house.

It was the first time their little dog, Laramie (named after the American town in which they met) had ever seen the beach. He bounded along the shore, splashing about with our little Coco, his energy catching.

On one hazy morning, where the sea salt hung thick in the air we had a pancake cook-off. Kailee's tantalising orange and almond pancakes impressed the judges (Lachlan and myself) for a narrow win over Byron's strawberry and banana offerings.

We slept in each day, a true seaside holiday where this 32 week pregnant mama could relax in comfort with dear friends. The greatest highlight for me was seeing my friends, who travelled such a long distance by car. Though the duration of their stay felt more like a heartbeat than four glorious sun-soaked winter days, I am grateful that we could bask in the warm winter sunlight. She, 19 weeks pregnant with their first baby and I, 32 weeks pregnant with ours.

What greater joy than to experience this life-giving time with my dear friend at the very same time that she is expecting. I am so pleased they allowed us to take some maternity photos down by the shore. If I manage to catch up with my own pregnancy posts, I will be sure to share Kailee and Lachlan's gorgeous images here for you.

There's something magical about sharing your pregnancy with another pregnant mama, don't you think?

Bella xx

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