Monday, August 11, 2014

Bumpin'... 34 Weeks with New Friends

One sunny morning during my 34th week of pregnancy as I collected the newspaper from our front lawn, I met Hal. Hal's an elderly man who lives around the corner. He walks a young, playful two year old black Labrador named Mindy. She's about as sweet as Labs come, with a gentle nature and flapping tail. Hal asked how long we had to wait until we meet little Pecan and was surprised when I answered, just over five weeks. He laughed and said, 'Are you sure you haven't got two in there?'.

It was wonderful to hear those words as I had been a little concerned in previous weeks that Pecan may be on the small side. I needn't have felt so concerned as this baby is growing as expected and I've begun to fill out more myself (hello breasts!). My favourite torn jeans feel tighter around my legs than last week and I'll soon need to fold them away in favour of stretchy yoga pants. I love being pregnant in the cooler months.

The rest of the day was spent washing Pecan's cloth nappies in preparation for his/ her arrival. Next week we'll wash all of the baby clothes as I continue to brainstorm items to stockpile for birthing.

I can really feel this nesting urge to prepare, scrub, polish and purge my life of unwanted or unneeded clutter. I'm also cooking more too, if only my energy would last beyond 7pm...

Bella xx


  1. Hi Bella, I just wanted to comment and let you know I adore these "Bumpin" posts. I confess that I've gone back and re-read them all including the "bun in the oven" post numerous times.

    Thank you for sharing your pregnancy with us. My husband and I also struggled with TTC for over a year. It's easy to see that you too are relishing the experience of being pregnant (even the not so enjoyable aspects!!), and that you don't take a moment for granted.

    It feels silly to say it because I don't even know you but I am so excited for you and for the next chapter for your little family xx

    1. Hi Prue, thank you for your comment. I am a little behind with the pictures but I'm getting there. It's difficult to comprehend that I'm actually due this coming Sunday. At times I feel that I've been pregnant for a long time but in reality the days and months have actually blurred passed.
      We're in awe of this little baby already. We interact through touch, light and our voices. I talk and sing to my bump and listen to old records as I move about my kitchen.
      I feel support from people like yourself who remind me of the importance of community, whether it be in my local neighbourhood and circles or here online.
      I am ready to meet this little one but at the same time, I am acutely aware that our time together (just the two of us whilst Pecan is in my belly) is sadly limited. I will miss the little movements, rolls and tickles.
      I honestly have no idea what to expect from labour and birth but we are looking forward to it all.
      Each passing day brings us closer to meeting this sweet babe. It's the most wonderful feeling xx


Thank you for taking the time to leave your messages. I love reading your words and sharing snippets from our seaside life with you.

Love Bella xx


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