Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Best Friend


He's the witness to this little life we share together. He's my surfing buddy, my informal masseur, my friend in time of need, my personal chef and my most trusted companion. Together we're embarking on a rather exciting and somewhat scary new chapter in our lives and I wouldn't want anyone else by my side to share it.

For all the silly arguments, wine haze-filled nights out during our earlier years and daily stresses, we have grown together and our friendship is as strong as the tiny heart beat that pumps from deep within my belly.

Thank you for making me congee when I have been ill, for sitting beside me during every trip to the hospital, for holding my hand during that frightening plane ride to Tioman Island, for convincing me to adopt that cheeky rescue puppy, for marrying me in front of our closest friends and family and for sharing my thirst for travel, adventure and love.

You're my best friend.

Love Bella xx

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Love Bella xx


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