Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bumpin'... 36 Weeks and Hope

We're getting closer little Pecan. Closer to the day we will meet you and we're full of hope that your journey will be a safe one.

You're most active during the night time... A sign of things to come perhaps? You enjoy being rocked in my belly, I imagine you sleeping as my body sways from side to side during my late morning 'waddle' along the golden shores of the beach.

This week we made a new friend, Sarah. Sarah is four and friendly, oh so friendly. She loves our dog because Coco plays with her dog, Bailey. Sarah also likes to hold my hand and race us back to her parents. I don't need to let her win because she's fast, much faster than a 36 weeks pregnant woman.

Sarah enjoys talking about her playgroup, the movie Frozen and her little brother, Jimmy.


It's surprising to think I will be full term by the end of this week. At times I feel like I have been pregnant for what feels like forever. I struggle to remember what it feels like to not have this swollen belly. My legs and arms are larger, my loose jeans are now a snug fit and my hair is thicker and healthier than it has ever been.

I'm aware that you still have some time to develop little Pecan and could continue your water journey for another five weeks. We're ready for you whenever you choose to join us.

Love Mama xxx

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