Thursday, October 23, 2014


I've been drifting through the days in a busy haze, trying to complete chores such as feeding the worms our green waste, watering the wilting silverbeet in the terracotta pots in our tiny garden, bringing the washing in before the cool evening air makes the cloth nappies damp but somewhere along the way I became less aware of my surroundings. Instead I've fallen into the trap of stumbling through each day as if washing the dishes or showering or having breakfast before midday is an accomplishment (admittedly some days these little tasks feel like major victories with a young baby). I find myself asking what day is it again? Do I have any appointments this week? What did I open the refrigerator for?

What happens outside the bubble of our small, new family? What's new with the neighbours? When do the Humpback whales finish their northern migration along the east coast? Oh, they're heading south again... Already?!

When did falling into a routine mean falling out of sync with nature and those around us?

Being aware of issues is more than reading your Facebook feed for the latest trending news. It's more than asking a friend how they are and leaving it at that when they say with a downward gaze, 'I'm fine'.

Acknowledging the effort others make to assist our family means it is necessary to make the time to thank each and every person individually. Plus, it's a nice thing to do and gratitude is a wonderful thing.

Being aware of what I eat means baby Love's breast milk diet will be healthier and full of all the nutrition she requires to grow and develop. Awareness of the impact of diet on our health is more than merely eating fruit and vegetables, it's about making the time to read the labels on our household products, learning how these items were manufactured and deciding to support those companies and people who are making a positive difference for our future, our children and planet. Eat local. Eat organic I tell myself over and over again. It matters.

I'm going to feed the worms and water our plants so that our family will have thriving home grown food. I'm going to invite friends over to share the bounty of our local farmers. I'm going to take my daughter to the beach to witness the spectacle that is the annual migration of the whales. I'm going to take ten minutes every day to sit and be present. To drink camomile tea and slow down, to take stock of our life and our decisions so that we continue to make the right ones.

Being aware of who I am and what is important to me makes my life rewarding.

I am a carer of the environment.
A supporter of ethical choices.
Someone's friend.
A dreamer.
A traveller.
A wife.
A mama.

Who are you?


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  1. Dear Bella,

    I love the way you write & I recognize that need to stay aware of the world around me. Time goes so fast & it's so easy to lose track of what life is really about. And that while there are so many wonderful things to make life beautiful & extraordinary.
    Thanks again & congratulations with your beautiful baby girl!

    I am a blogger
    A nature lover
    A vegetarian
    A writer
    A sister
    A daughter
    A dreamer
    But not lost


Thank you for taking the time to leave your messages. I love reading your words and sharing snippets from our seaside life with you.

Love Bella xx


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