Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bumpin'... 39 Weeks at the Jetty

As some of you may have already noticed, we welcomed little Pecan back in August, a couple of days after these photos were taken. It has taken me quite some time to edit them, what with the breakdown of my laptop, the birth of Pecan, the turbulent, exciting, love-soaked and sleep-deprivating initial weeks with our sweet babe... Not to mention the fact that I have not wanted to spend hours in front of this bright screen when I could in fact be gazing at our beautiful baby.

Apologies for the delay in posting this final Bumpin' entry (if you've been following and waiting, thank you) and without further ado, here is the entry I had written immediately prior to our little Pecan's arrival...


In our 39th week together, we took you to the local jetty. It was another gorgeous winters day, warm with a cool gentle breeze.

Pecan: According to the midwife at our most recent appointment, you are 3/5 engaged and in the OA position (Occiput Anterior). I can feel the smooth, round curve of your back on my right side and for the past few weeks, you have been tickling high up under my left ribs with your tiny feet. We continue to walk together and though I've been forewarned that you might just feel too comfortable in there and decide to stay for another three or so weeks, we really, really hope you join us sooner as B's family will have travelled all the way from the northern hemisphere for the purpose of meeting you and they're only here for one short week...

The Bump: By some miracle, a dash of family genes, and possibly assisted by multiple daily massages with sweet almond and coconut oil, I have managed to avoid stretch marks. The exception is one tiny purple dot below where I used to wear a navel piercing. I have noticed tiny pink dots appear and grow in number across my belly as it has grown and oh my goodness has my skin been itchy between massages, talk about stretched. On the whole, I'm rather proud of this bump as it protects and insulates you from the world until you are ready and that, my dear baby, makes it very special.

Mama: Tiny little annoyances such as lack of sleep, some discomfort with my rapidly increasing size and the occasional back and pelvis ache are gentle reminders that you are with me throughout all of this, only you're more cramped and running out of space to turn and stretch.

We have a deal, you and I. I walk daily, I stretch slowly, inhaling deep, deliberate breaths down into my belly and practice the hypnnobirthing techniques that I have done for the past trimester. Your part of the deal is to keep healthy and strong for your incredible journey. I nourish you with fresh or lightly boiled vegetables, clean, filtered water, prenatal vitamins, and a menu filled with all the sweet wonders that Mother Earth provides naturally.

I feel calm, I visualise your birth and breathing you down. I count silently with each breath to practice control. I have no fear, only love and strength to birth you naturally. My hope is for a natural birth, free from interventions and though in the back of my mind I am aware that special circumstances may arise that may take our birth preference along a different path, I hope and pray for all of us that your journey will be a peaceful one. This is what I want for you.

Papa: You have been the single constant person in my life who has provided support and unconditional love. You have provided back rubs to soothe my dull aches, your time to accompany me to medical appointments and to check on me in the night. You have continued to work in order to provide for our family and most importantly, you have been available to me at any hour, even when I have been unreasonable in my pregnancy demands. From ordering you to stop cooking and to 'take that smelly food outside' during my period of debilitating morning sickness to driving over an hour to source the one food item that I could stomach. You have waited for me in the car countless times whilst I tried to finish work, and you forgave me when I forgot our anniversary, where I put the tongs and, well, just about everything else I touched and 'put away'. You spent hours in the hot sun fitting the infant car seat in my tiny car, all the while I napped.

I will miss the way you talk to the baby through my belly. Conversations about where you want us to travel together, how excited you are about Pecan's growth and imminent birth for a proper introduction. You sang and told our baby how beautiful their mama was. In fact, you said that often and in all honesty, I have never felt more beautiful.

There are many more things to share but for now, we look forward to meeting our little Pecan with wide eyes and open hearts.


Your Mama



  1. Brand new reader, but I was drawn in by the joy in these photos! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you, we're very happy to be the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Joy indeed!

  2. Jumping and getting airborne days before giving birth? Love it!

    1. Ha ha! I know it might seem a bit crazy, but I maintained my fitness throughout my pregnancy and cushioned my landings with my knees :)


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