Friday, October 24, 2014

Taking Stock...

Inspired by the ever lovely Jodi to participate in Pip's thoughtful Taking Stock exercise.

Making : a driftwood and felt whale mobile for baby Love
Cooking : plenty of fresh vegetables and the occasional gluten free date, chocolate and blueberry cake (recipe to follow soon!)
Drinking : camomile tea
Reading : Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Nicole S. Young
Wanting : rain to water my vegetables and thirsty lawn
Looking : forward to Byron's next day off
Playing : games with Love with her Mr Fox toy from Alimrose
Deciding: where to travel in Malaysia next year
Wishing : a peaceful birth for my dear friends, who are due to welcome their first baby next month
Enjoying : quiet moments with family
Waiting : for Byron to have two consecutive days off work so we can have a mini break
Liking : bath time with this beauty
Wondering : whether I will have time to squeeze some more pilates into my weekend
Loving : morning bike rides with Coco as Byron walks with Love snug against his chest
Pondering : whether to create our own posts for The Sling Diaries. What do you think?
Considering : whether to create regular YouTube movies for our channel
Watching : clips from recent home movies
Hoping : that Love won't react badly to her second round of immunisations
Marvelling : at her growth in ten short weeks. The human body is miraculous!
Needing : a constant supply of filtered water (baby's thirsty!)
Smelling : sweet pea flowers hand delivered by the 80 year old lady down the road
Wearing : light cotton shirts and shorts in this warmer weather
Following : Mama Natural for whole food tips
Noticing : the generosity of family and friends
Knowing : that motherhood is the most rewarding and beautiful experience of my short life
Thinking : about what to cook for dinner. Steamed salmon served with crunchy steamed green beans and broccolini sprinkled with toasted almonds...
Admiring : Byron for his dedication to this little family between work shifts
Sorting : the clothes Love has outgrown (already!)
Buying : local seasonal vegetables
Getting : rest between feeds when I can
Bookmarking : Delancey: a Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage
Disliking : when Love feels discomfort from wind
Opening : the windows to allow the sea breeze to freshen our home
Giggling : with this sweet babe when she smiles her gummy grin
Feeling : a little tired but very content
Snacking : on steamed broccoli and sliced mushrooms lightly drizzled with olive oil
Coveting : the beautiful wardrobe of this pretty babe
Wishing : for small waves and a gentle breeze on Sunday so I can try out the stand up paddle board
Helping : the elderly neighbour across the road to water her garden whilst her daughter is out of town
Hearing : as always, the music of the waves as they crash upon the shore

Happy Friday friends, have a safe and sun drenched weekend. Pop back soon to read baby Love's birth story.

Love Bella xx

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  1. Thanks for the inadvertent recommendation of Delancey: a Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage - I've been looking for something new to read. Sounds like life is treating you well


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