Thursday, December 4, 2014

YouTube Movie: My Pregnancy, Bump and Welcoming Baby Love

Here's the link to our little home movie, documenting Love's journey through her growth in my womb to her birth and 'fourth trimester', or first three months in our arms...

We love her more than words can adequately express. Her sweet nature, bubbly giggles, smiling eyes and curious stares at her surroundings fill our hearts with pride, joy, love and gratitude.

I'm also working on some colourful, nutritious breakfast recipes that are suitable for everyone, especially the breastfeeding mamas. Cannot wait to share these with you all, beginning with vegan banana bread (including a variation with blueberries), and colourful smoothie bowls for the happy morning people, Yoginis, surfers and lovers of the outdoors at sunrise. Stay tuned for updates on instagram!

Love Bella xx

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