Thursday, January 1, 2015


Today was very warm, bordering on muggy by 8am. Love had a somewhat restless night with the 50-somethings neighbours New Year's Eve party belting out until rock 'n' roll tunes into the wee hours. It wasn't so bad though, I actually enjoyed the way our walls muffled the familiar 70s hits.

Daybreak was spent strolling alone along the beach with Love in my arms. We sat in the shade of a pandanus tree and I fed her for a short time. I watched her as she began to drift into a light slumber, then I closed my eyes and listened to my surroundings. The rhythmic whoosh of the waves, the crunch of footsteps over smooth pebbles as a middle-aged couple approached us from the headland and the faint, shrill bark of our small dog Coco carried in the breeze. I opened my eyes to see the couple approach, we exchanged the obligatory 'Happy New Year' greeting and I wondered if their faces and shoulders were sunburnt from their early morning walk, or had been building up over the recent holidays.

When I cast my gaze towards the sound of Coco's bark, I could see her bouncing along in front of Byron as he jogged towards us, surfboard tucked neatly under his bronzed arm.


The rest of New Year's Day was spent with friends, eating juicy, sweet mangoes and watching Love roll about on her beautiful new quilt; a Christmas gift handmade by the 80 year old lady who lives across the street. We napped in the late morning before venturing out in the cooler afternoon air for a relaxing stroll.

It may not have been the type of celebration my 21 year old self would have enjoyed but it was perfect for us today. Today was all about friends, family, being present in the moment and treasuring this precious little person.

How did you embrace the New Year? Are you embarking on a 365 Project or something similar this year?

Happy New Year, friends.

Oceans of love,

Bella xx

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