Friday, January 23, 2015

4/52 Oh My Aching Heart


This week has been a challenging one. As a new parent, I have found myself reaching new milestones as you grow and change every day. For your more recent milestones, I have witnessed your limb movements become smooth and fluid. You're no longer the shaking newborn we saw several months ago and your ability to reach for and securely grasp objects seems like second nature already. You've found your voice and it sounds surprisingly husky when you make those musical gurgling sounds.

Unfortunately, you happen to be teething on and off more frequently as you edge closer and closer to six months of age and this is where I have noticed personal developments of my very own. For me as a new mother, I've discovered that I rarely panic when you begin to cry. I shift into autopilot, addressing your needs in a calm manner akin to someone who is truly at ease in her role. Certain sounds are cues for a specific need and I am familiar with what most of these sounds mean. I can pre-empt the need to burp you by the way you turn your head, before you whimper. I can tell by the arch of your back when you are over tired, I can hear the change in the pitch of your voice when you are hungry and I can usually tell by your wide eyes and the downward turn of your lips when you are about to cry after something has startled you.

Then there are the times when it seems that nothing I can do will ease your pain. Sometimes all I can do is imagine my own heart breaking when I see you this uncomfortable, Baby Love. My only consolation is that you will grow and change and not remember these difficult times when your temperature was high and your gums were troubling you. Thankfully, you find your Papa's cuddles very comforting.

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