Sunday, February 8, 2015


My little photography assistant. Here, Love is pictured helping me to hold a grey card at her first ever professional photoshoot. We spent the day in three different locations around the beautiful Bellingen Shire. By the second stop she was visibly tired, her heavy eyelids blinked slowly as we took a short break to enjoy a picnic beside a freshwater stream. The sounds of the the rushing water from the recent heavy rainfall lulled her to sleep in the sling, which I loosened to allow her to rest on my bent knees. I cautiously watched and shooed the occasional mosquito whilst Byron and the family we were photographing took a dip in the cool water.

All around us the sounds of the forest hummed, from the shrill chirp of native birds to the relaxing shhhh of the running stream. Buzzing bees hovered about the blooming flowers as the light afternoon breeze whooshed gently through the tree tops high above where we sat on our woven blanket. Smooth river pebbles crunched under the wandering feet of the golden-haired sisters from our portrait session and for a brief moment I could imagine myself sleeping in a hammock strung between tall trees by the bank. If it weren't for the mosquitoes, Love and I could have dozed lazily until the sun began to set.

This was the most relaxing way to spend a summer afternoon, with new friends in the cool shade of tall, swaying trees.

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