Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A quiet moment in a beautiful garden overlooking the slow moving Orara River with our new friend and expectant mother, Mara.

Slow conversation flowed between us, like the quiet river below. We discussed the type of photos she would like taken for her pregnancy, her tiny six month bump barely visible underneath her cotton dress. As she spoke, her hand shifted instinctively to feel where the movement had come from and in that moment I felt a wave of nostalgia.

I missed the wonderful feelings of pregnancy, like a long lost friend; the little flutters and firm kicks under my ribs as my pecan moved inside me. Nothing compares to that kind of joy, just like nothing compares to holding your tiny baby in your arms.

Today I am grateful for my family and grateful to Mara, who reminded me what it felt like to have that special glow.

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