Friday, June 19, 2015


Love's beautiful pixie hat arrived yesterday afternoon. It was a little tricky to take her photograph with the pixie hat on her little head without her trying to pull it off... That was until she had a FaceTime conversation with her Australian grandmother (who I overhead telling Love that she looked like a gumnut baby).

Oh how adorable our little Love looks with her scrunched up smile and pointed elf hat. Many thanks to the lovely Greer Worsley for hand knitting this beautiful woollen hat in time for our chilly wintry beach walk and also to Jodi Wilson for hosting the Typically Red giveaway on her blog, Practising Simplicity.

I want to give thanks to these ladies, including Katherine, an old friend of mine, for sharing their love of homemade, hand stitched clothing. Katherine writes a few blogs, most notably, Lamb Loves Fox however, she also writes Crochetlatte, which is where I found her pattern for a beginner's crocheted baby bonnet. I am currently stitching my first crochet project for my friend's newborn baby boy with Katherine's easy pattern and am thrilled to see this garment come together between my clumsy fingers, in-between breastfeeding and my other typical mama duties.

My next projects will be a bonnet for Love, a pale olive jacket (eek!) and hopefully Susie the Reindeer (if I haven't gone mad). x

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