Sunday, November 15, 2015


Today we needed to take a break from social media, televisions and crowds. We ventured outdoors, explored the beach at low tide, discovered crabs in their tiny temporary homes and listened as yellow-tailed black cockatoos squawked to one another from the treetops.

Today was a day of silent reflection and prayer.

Mother Nature provided a safe haven and together with my darling Love, we braved the light rain to walk in the salty breeze. Love walked with her arms high in the air, one tiny fist clutching a natural teething biscuit. She was closely followed by Coco, who wanted to eat the biscuit and sure enough, with canine perseverance, our little dog managed to steal it from Love's curled fingers and eat it on the run.


  1. OMG! The second last one. Killed me.

    1. Thank you, lovely x
      I'm chasing her everywhere at the moment. No table (coffee or otherwise), pot plant, step or cabinet is safe. Suddenly everything appears to have a sharp edge! Any tips? xx


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Love Bella xx


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