Thursday, November 12, 2015

You Are Enough

I'm currently editing some photos from a recent wedding we shot at Marlowe House on the Mid North Coast. It was wonderful to have Byron's support for the duration of the event, although challenging for me to think about Love at home without at least one of her parents to comfort her.

We have been really pushing ourselves to be more creative with light and colour and the results are encouraging. I place a lot of pressure on myself to improve and learn; to experiment and persist through different weather, or to work against fatigue.

I'm proud of B and of myself for what we've achieved. When I think about the phrase, 'You are enough', it makes me stop for a brief moment to appreciate the decisions we make as a family- the efforts and sacrifices we make daily for our family, to realise our dreams and hopes for our future are what this life is about.

You are enough. Everything you are and do is enough. Sometimes things happen outside of your control, which can shake us, cause us to tremble with uncertainty but as the dawn breathes light into a new day, we are blessed to be able to reset, to start afresh.

Let's make today count.

You are enough.

B xx

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