Friday, January 1, 2016

Beach Scenes on New Year's Day


On New Year's Day, we ventured down to Red Rock beach, where we relaxed in the shade of tropical pandanus trees. We snacked on fresh mango cheeks, sweet strawberries, bursting lychees and sticky nectarines that had warmed with the hot sun. A considerable amount of snacking involved biting into juicy, sandy fruit.

Love splashed about in the shallows, sharing natural treasures of bird feathers, smooth yellow pebbles and broken shells. After lunch, we climbed to the top of the windy headland to admire the choppy waves, salt spray and distant islands before returning to the scorching car.

Most of the cafes on our drive home were closed, except for one tiny corner cafe, where we were able to order some chilled sweet slices of chocolate, pear and pistachio cake, gluten free caramel slice and berry cheesecake.

Today I felt very happy to sit and be. I was thankful we were able to relax and play as a family. Today was the first day in quite some time where I have felt like I could enjoy the present, without the unsettling feeling that I needed to rush off to the next gathering or appointment.

We didn't make personal New Year's resolutions, other than a playful joke where Byron suggested I should be more patient and I laughed, before adding that he should 'be more prompt'.

2016 will see us travel to New Zealand in the summer, embark on more exciting family adventures, move into our own tiny beach house, push ourselves to be more creative with our photography and hopefully much more.

Whilst we wonder about the possibilities, we mindfully savour the present.

May 2016 bring you joy, good health and a refreshing appreciation for living in the moment.


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