Sunday, January 3, 2016

Formula vs Breastfeeding


The Woolies run

We try to make do with everything we order in our weekly grocery box delivery, but there are items we need to top up that we can quickly collect at our local supermarket. Cat litter, grain-free dog food and sometimes other items that appear on special. It's difficult to stick to just the one or two items and we've often found that we end up with an expensive total on our shopping receipt. Writing a shopping list and having a weekly meal plan (even a rough idea of what we want to prepare) is essential to keep costs low by purchasing only what we need... Then there's shopping with a baby and who knows what will end up in the trolley.

The trick is to give her something to play with, something indestructible that you can place back on the shelf at the last minute or something you intend to purchase anyway.

Woolworths offer free fruit for children whilst you shop, which is a clever idea. Healthy too.

We like to hand the items we choose to purchase to Love so she can place them in the trolley. Instead of using the trolley seat (which she tends to climb out of), we place her on a thick jumper in the trolley and she is content to sit in there to help us shop.

We're looking forward to ordering from our regular organic grocer again soon after they re-open following the Christmas and New Year's break.

You may also spy some organic toddler formula in the trolley. We've decided to give it at try since I am working more and often away from Love for ten or more hours a day, three days each week.

We'll let you know how that goes and whether or not we return that second tin. If I'm being honest with myself, I'm rather uneasy about giving her formula as I'd prefer to continue breastfeeding but my supply has decreased, despite expressing at work.

I'd love to hear about your experience with formula and if anyone chose to use formula in addition to breastfeeding. I understand this can be a topic that can carry great emotional weight, as well as strong opinions, so I'm grateful for anyone who is able to share their experience.

Thank you, mamas xx


  1. I'll try to keep this brief...

    I hated breastfeeding to begin with and it was only the convenience in the middle of the night that kept me going. We introduced one bottle in the evening (of formula or breastmilk, depending on what my freezer stocks were like) from very early on so that I could spend time away if needed. We were lucky that my baby, Joan, would happily go back and forth between bottle and boob without hesitation. I never got truly comfortable breastfeeding in public so the day feeds gradually switched to bottles, until by 6-7 months she was fully formula-fed with only a bf in bed first thing in the morning.

    Honestly I found the (long and gradual) switch to formula to be seamless and smooth. I can't tell the difference in her nappies, demeanour, sleep patterns from when she was fully breastfed to now. She has always been a great sleeper and that has only improved with age.

    The thing I hate about formula is the cost - especially as we use one of the most expensive (S26 Gold). I think Bellamys is even more expensive but I've heard great things about it. Joan turns one in February and I will be gradually replacing her formula with cow's milk. How old is Love now? Is there any reason for using formula as opposed to some other natural milk? I thought follow-on formulas were only necessary if the baby's diet is deficient.

  2. Hi Prue, thank you for your comment. It's interesting to hear a view different perspective to my own and I'm glad you included your baby's response to the formula.

    Love has had one day with formula to nap during the day but woke up crying, with a hard, bloated belly and bad wind. Byron was home to comfort her and we do not know if it was due to the formula so we will persevere in the coming week when I am at work. If she has the same reaction, we will discontinue the formula.

    Love is nearly 17 months and I plan to breastfeed for as long as she wants it. I feel it is important for her in terms of nutrition but also with bonding as I am away for longer and longer periods.

    Thank you again for your comment x

    1. No sorry, I meant that because Love is over a year old you don't even have to use formula for her drinks when you're at work - it could be cow's milk, or almond milk, or whatever really. They only need formula in the first year or so. Especially considering that you're still breastfeeding when you're home (well done, by the way - I sometimes wish I had persisted longer!), she doesn't have to have formula at all. Save yourself the expense


Thank you for taking the time to leave your messages. I love reading your words and sharing snippets from our seaside life with you.

Love Bella xx


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