Friday, January 8, 2016

Summer Wardrobe Staples - Saltwater Sandals

I'd seen Saltwater sandals on the little feet of babies online over the years, usually worn by the children of mother bloggers. After reading some very positive reviews, I took Love into a local boutique store, where we played around with different sizes. At the time she hadn't begun to walk and we were advised to hold off on purchasing the sandals until she could stand independently and had taken her first few steps.

After a few weeks, we returned to the store and purchased this rather pretty pair of red sandals as her Christmas present.

As Christmas approached, we periodically brought out the shoebox and slipped her chubby feet into the leather sandals, concerned she may outgrow them before December 25th. Thankfully, they were still a little on the large side.

These past few weeks, Love has rarely been barefoot. These sandals are very comfortable, secure well to her feet and have been worn in the sea, in the forest and on the sand. There's still room for her feet to grow but they fit and can be worn now, which is wonderful. I can vouch for how comfortable they are because my sweet husband secretly purchased a pair in the same colour for my Christmas gift. Now when we wear them together, he says we are 'twinning'.

If you're after a simple, pretty summer sandal, these Saltwater sandals are an excellent choice.



  1. Amelie, Theo and I all have a pair in tan. They are perfect for wearing alllll summer.

    1. They really are. Today we went for a long walk over a local bird nesting island (the traditional people call it Moon Island) and I'm happy I wore these sandals because they felt secure and comfortable the entire walk. x

    2. Whoops! Accidentally replied from Byron's account :)


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