Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Word on Travelling with a Toddler

Kia Ora from Fox Glacier, New Zealand.

We're excitedly travelling around this ancient land in a camper van. At present, we are trying to entertain our 18 month old daughter, Love, whilst packing away all the loose items that could slide around or break when we're driving. Our hair is wet from the shower and our damp towels have been pegged along the windows in an effort to dry them.

What I've learned during the past two weeks about travelling in a camper van with a toddler is this: Make time for your little one doing the things that they like to do. Hiking to the terminal face of a glacier embedded with rock fragments or trekking to waterfalls through U-shaped valleys in the rain may be nothing short of spectacular for you and your partner but it can be exhausting for your toddler.

Remember to jump in shining puddles, blow bubbles in the sea breeze, watch birds, pause to trace the flight of aeroplanes and helicopters in the sky. Take the time to cast stones into icy lakes at That Wanaka Tree, even if some of them do not make it to the water's edge.

Draw wriggly lines on steamy windows when it rains, take a refreshing dip in crystal clear waters and take a break from your long journey to play on the swings in roadside parks and do yoga in the fields before snow-powdered mountainous peaks.

You can still give your little one a natural experience, sans screen-time and the best part about this is that you can enjoy this special time with them on your adventure and they will begin to learn to appreciate the beautiful wonders of our ever-changing landscapes.

Happy travels, my friends. xx

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