Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thoughts on Settling Down

I was looking at some social pages of photographers I admire this evening. Tim Coulson's Facebook post struck a chord. Tim is an Australian photographer making big waves in travel, wedding and family portraits. Tonight he asked for peoples thoughts on settling down and I felt compelled to reply...

We were contemplating Tasmania for a while. My husband and I travelled there for a short time as I neared my third trimester with our daughter. We had meetings with our chosen bank for a home loan before we left. Once there, we looked at different styles of homes in different regions, from more country style stone cottages to a beautiful waterfront property near Hobart. Each time we tried to view properties, there was an unavoidable reason why it could not happen. Eventually, we came home and focussed on the short time we had remaining as a couple before we welcomed Love.

We also had similar feelings about New Zealand. We ended up purchasing a small, pre-loved house by the beach on the Mid North Coast of NSW. I grew up on the South Coast of NSW so it's a slightly different region, with so much to offer in terms of National and Marine Parks to explore and somewhere to base ourselves for the next little while...

Looking back at the things that happened, particularly the things that seemed to happen over and over again. It's enough for us to see the road blocks align, 'This might not be the right path for us right now'.

My thoughts on settling down? Not yet. Not when there are mountains to climb and cultures to experience in the furthest corners of this fine World. It will be home for now but we've already decided on our next adventure (to Nepal).

We haven't moved into our home yet, that will happen in about one month's time. The feelings I have surrounding packing and organising for basic renovations before we do move, coupled with anxiety over leaving our ocean views and juggling our very busy work schedules have culminated in me yearning for an escape. When I'm the last family member awake at night, I sometimes say to myself, 'Let's go'.

I retreat into hazy thoughts about trekking snow-covered mountains or practising yoga on a quiet beach. I think about the things we need to accomplish and the dreams I am working towards. Some of it feels like fantasy, a Walter Mitty type of alternate reality. Other times it feels very familiar and tangible.

So long as you are together, with your people, your family, your tribe- That's all that really matters.

Peace and love from our family to yours. x

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