Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hyams Beach

On a cold winter's day last month, I visited a beautiful beach on the New South Wales south coast with my childhood friend and our own children. The beach was covered in the whitest sand I have seen in Australia. The crystal clear water was icy cold, but somehow tempting enough for our two youngest (three and almost three years) to bravely wade out into the gently lapping waves. This would have been fine of course, except it was winter, there was a slight breeze and they were fully clothed.

I've got to say, there is nothing quite like trying to pull salty, drenched clothes from an unwilling toddler as the cold wind causes their skin to prickle and lips to turn an unnatural shade of blue.

It was worth the visit to this sleepy seaside town, with a population barely over 100 residents- not including the playful pod of dolphins that cruised by us as effortlessly as the soaring seagulls above.

Hyams Beach, we long to visit again soon.

Bella x

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