Saturday, May 4, 2019

Autumn Sundays

The forecast this weekend is for rainy days and cooler nights as we finally transition from warm summer evenings to those spent around the dinner table enjoying dahl with yellow rice, hot tea at any time of the day and oven roasted tomatoes with garlic all plump and glossy and ready to be blended into one of my favourite comforting soups.

Last weekend we rode around the quiet streets of our sleepy seaside suburb, Love pointing to birds and giggling as my rusty vintage bicycle bumped across driveways and lawns. After a day spent largely outdoors exploring the headland, watching dolphins chase fish through sets and leaping out of the back of waves, their shiny bodies glistening in the sunshine, we were ready for an easy dinner at the local corner store. On our return walk we watched small coastal birds zip and dart just in front of poor Coco, who strained against her leash for a closer look and perhaps... a little taste?

Love caught several pairs of butterflies, who appeared to be locked in what I described to her as a loving embrace. They were fluttering about in the hundreds close to the scrubby plants along the headland, just low enough to avoid being swept away in the wind. Catching butterflies with my daughter has got to be one of those things I imagined doing as a child when I daydreamed of becoming a mother. It didn’t disappoint. Her laughter and excitement genuinely warmed my heart, as did her defeated, ‘ohhh... I need them!’ as a winged pair escaped her loosely cupped fingers.

Note to self: spend more time exploring the difference between wants and needs with my daughter.

Life goals I’ve been embracing during the warmer Autumn days include spending time on adventures, exploring outdoors and spending meaningful time together doing as many different things as we can imagine. At night she loves to help me cook. She stands on a little blue stool, stirring vegetables gently sizzling on the stove as I float around her, watching, helping when required and generally marvelling at how much she’s grown as she becomes more independent every day.

One day soon we’ll visit the Treetops walk. I’ve heard it’s rather fun and Love certainly loves to climb. I’m often asking her to ‘come back down’ from the rocks at Witches Reef and various other structures. Perhaps she’d enjoy rock climbing as a sport I muse, then quickly remind myself that I’m not mentally prepared to deal with that level of anxiety.

For now, we’re content to fill our days living slowly, enjoying each hour by the sea. It really is possible to carve out time to play hide-and-seek at the corner store, enjoy the rare vegetarian burger together as the sun drops behind the mountains, causing the sky and streets to glow gold and to practise mindfulness during our daily activities. Living in the moment, appreciating just how wonderful this season feels and looking forward to friendly talks with local growers at the Sunday seaside markets.

How do you enjoy your slow Autumn Sundays?

Bella xx

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