Thursday, March 26, 2015


Thoroughly intrigued by the woven fibres of a soft blanket. She's a curious little being.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

13/52 Pitahaya


Baby Love enjoying her first pitahaya (dragon fruit).

Joining Jodi and friends


Friday, March 20, 2015

12/52 An Afternoon Nap


Love: One of the rare times she has fallen asleep in my arms since she was three months old

When she was a newborn, Love would sleep in what I would regard as rather strange positions, curled against my body or in a loose ball of her own tiny limbs. I rarely needed to swaddle her and as new parents, we were truly amazed at how she could drift peacefully into a restful slumber in the bath, warm water trickling over her skin as I cradled her her tiny head above the water. Since she was one month old, those sweet little naps seemed to slowly disappear, like the foamy shampoo bubbles lathered through her curly locks.

This past week, whilst her Ah Mah was visiting from Dubai, Love fell quiet in my arms. We were having a conversation when I became aware of the silence and stillness of her tiny body. I looked at my reflection in the mirror to see that she had indeed fallen asleep in my arms. It was one of those ahhhhhh moments.

Joining Jodi and friends


Saturday, March 14, 2015


Shower time (chang ek). She had her first shower at a tiny villa in Byron Bay when she was 11 weeks old. For her second holiday to Byron, we returned to the same holiday accommodation in the first weeks of autumn. The skies were blue and the temperature as warm as summer. This time around, her Ah Mah (grandmother) joined us.

I don't think you realise how special you are that someone would fly halfway around the world just to see you, Baby Love. Happy seven months, my sweetheart.

Monday, March 9, 2015

On Being Quiet and a Little Announcement

Isn't it always the way when your favourite blog is quiet, it's usually because the writer is very busy in real life; taking photographs or writing for another publication, having babies or preoccupied living in other ways. Travel. Adventures. Reflection.

We've been busy here too. At the beginning of 2015 I had grand hopes of documenting Baby Love through a portrait series, one or two shots per day. To my surprise, I completed the entire month of January however, as usually happens when I am distracted by other tasks, the portraits fell by the wayside during February as we pursued another dream that has been brewing for oh, I don't know, the past few years...

We've recently launched our own photography business, Sea and Salt Photography. You can view the website here. We still managed to take daily photos of our little Love however, these remain untouched and therefore, unedited on my external hard drive until I can gather a few undesignated minutes here and there to actually sit, alone, to edit and share.

In more personal news, Byron's mother, Letty, has returned from Dubai to share the next two weeks with us and of course, her darling grand daughter. We will embark on a road trip to Byron Bay and spend the next week dining on gluten free tacos at Miss Magarita and heavenly falafel, sipping coconut water on Main Beach and exploring the tiny stalls and boutique stores that line the streets of the sunny seaside town. I'm particularly keen to visit Spell Designs after seeing the beautiful Jodi of Practising Simplicity in one of their gorgeous ankle length summer dresses. Those photos were taken by my talented friend, Katherine of Lamb Loves Fox and Lamb and Fox Photography (if you don't know about her yet, you really should visit her blog, it's well worth the time). Hopefully I can find something breastfeeding-friendly to laze about in as the cooler Autumn air settles over our beachside bungalow.

When we're finally home, rested and recharged, we will finish some renovations on a house we purchased last year. The private sale was finalised when Love was barely days earth side; a blinking, tiny warm bundle of sweetly scented newborn wrapped and nestled close to my heart.

When I think about it, I'm not too disappointed with the interruption to my Year of Love 365 portrait series. It's challenging enough trying to renovate with an almost mobile baby and to start a family business whilst remembering to dip our toes into the sea of wanderlust and adventure- I'm feeling rather proud of our efforts.

Remember to check out our website if you're interested in viewing some of the natural, spontaneous moments we've captured for local families. Those of you who follow me here will probably recognise a few of the locations along the Mid North Coast and the good news is we're happy to travel to take photos.

Thank you, dear blog friends for the love and support.

Bella xx

Friday, March 6, 2015

Love is All You Need

A friendly lady offered to take our photo at the farmers markets this morning


Market Day, Farmers Market Day. Mountain laid free range eggs and organic okra will be gracing our table in the coming days.

Yesterday marked four years since my husband and I first met. I wrote more about that first encounter here. Since that fateful night, we've travelled across oceans together, ventured into eerie dark cave systems, snorkelled turquoise reefs, salsa danced in dim lit bars and made a beautiful baby together.

Without him, I wouldn't have this family. I might have lost faith in my ability to birth our daughter during the peaks and troughs of labour. Without him, I might have stayed in a dead-end job in the city, or continued to work at the tiny bar (my second job) where we first met. I might never have visited the tropical, humid paradise that is Borneo. You are my best friend, B, and I'll love you for as long as my heart goes on beating.


The lady who asked to take our picture said, 'Love is all you need' and then she reminded us to take time out for one another to be romantic before capturing this moment.

Love really is all we need.


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