Monday, June 6, 2011

Lazy Baked Cream Eggs

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling a little more than under the weather. Since being home from work sick I've been watching Nigella movies on youtube in bed in my pyjamas and perhaps the simplest recipe I encountered was one that her mother used to make for her.

Knowing Nigella (this is my affectionate way of saying I've been watching her cooking segments), I'm sure the title was something mouth-watering like 'Creamy Egg Heaven' but in my case, I was feeling ├╝ber-lazy, with a shitty blocked nose and wanted a fast pick-me-up comfort food.

Also, my camera battery was flat (too icky to remember to charge it when I was rugged up in bed all disgusting and snotty) so I had to rely on my phone for the images of this breakfast. Don't stress, you can make this at home in a heart beat, just follow the few simple steps!

Lazy Baked Cream Eggs aka (possibly) Creamy Egg Heaven:

Grease two ramekins with butter.
Crack a free range egg into each ramekin, taking care not to pierce the yolk
Spoon or pour a teaspoon of thick cream into each ramekin
(Here Nigella got all fancy and drizzled some white truffle oil but as I didn't have any I used a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Season with salt and cracked pepper and place ramekins into a deep baking dish.

Now here's where you should be careful not to stuff up!
Fill the baking dish with boiled water until you cover the outside of the ramekins up to the height of the eggs. Don't use cool or cold water as your eggs will take too long to bake and you will destroy your yolks/ they will overcook.

Place the baking tray into a hot oven (~200 deg C) for approximately 15 minutes whilst you go and have a nice hot shower to relax your sleepy muscles.

Check the eggs, and place two croissants onto a flat pan to warm the inside and crisp the outer pastry shell.

Carefully remove the baked eggs from the makeshift bain marie, rip an end off your croissant and plunge it deep into the gooey golden yolk.

Now that really is Creamy Egg Heaven.

If you have any leftover croissants, have them with home made jam- B and I are still snacking on the Drunken Pear Jam we made a little over a week ago.

Bella xx

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