Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reine De Saba- Chocolate and Almond Cake

Ok so here is the delectable Chocolate and Almond cake I baked from my new 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' book.

Although it didn't rise to any great proportions, it certainly did satisfy my sweet cravings for the week. Imagine a cake with a soft, moist chocolatey centre, covered in the smoothest, creamiest chocolate butter, adorned with slivered almonds. It was like a chocolate tart, but softer and covered in what could be described as a chocolate mousse cream.

This cake was a treat. What made it more enjoyable was the fact that I had the kitchen to myself to create it and all the while I hummed along to my record player belting out some perfectly crackly Simon and Garfunkel vinyl goodness... Oh one more thing! I bought a new digital Casio watch. A friend of mine had one and I quite fancied it. My good watch finally said 'Goodbye, it's been swell, Bella' and Hey Presto! I was on the market for something small and practical. Cue eBay for a significant reduction in retail price and this is the result. A rather sweet addition to my wrist, don't you think? I can even set it as a cake timer. More gadgets for the kitchen and everyday use, Julia! Are you proud?

Bella xx

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