Sunday, November 6, 2011

Poached Ocean Trout with Crispy Skin, Honey Soy Mayo Dressing and Edamame Beans

I work Sundays.

Not always, though usually.

What picks me up when I'm exhausted? Coming home and relaxing with Byron over dinner and lately he has been cooking for us.

Tonight B made me the following mouth-watering salad... This is how you turn a dreary hospital drone shift into a relaxing Sunday chill-fest.

Poached Ocean Trout with Crispy Skin, Honey Soy Mayo Dressing and Edamame Beans

One fillet of Ocean Trout (skin on)
Traditional mayonnaise
Organic Tamari Soy Sauce
Manuka honey
Edamame beans (seeds only) ~50g
Mixed leaf lettuce
One soft boiled egg

Remove skin from ocean trout. Lightly coat skin with olive oil and rub with salt. Heat non-stick frying pan without oil and cook, skin side first until golden-brown. Turn skin and brown other side. Check the crispiness before removing from heat, roughly cut the skin into pieces and set aside to cool, skin-side up.

Poach the ocean trout in shallow slightly bubbling water (slightly cooler than simmering) until cooked, but still soft in the middle.
Remove from water, flake fillet into a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

To make the dressing, mix a decent glug or two of mayo with a slow pour of Tamari soy sauce until the thick glossy mixture turns a light brown. Add honey to taste (be careful not to make it too sweet!).

Place a handful of mixed lettuce leaves into each serving bowl, top with the delicious poached trout and thinly sliced egg and then drizzle with the delectable honey soy mayo.
To finish, scatter a few glossy steamed edamame beans and pieces of crispy trout skin.

Serves 2


Enjoy with a crisp, chilled white. We enjoyed a sem sauv blanc, but only because we had it chilling in the fridge from last night and never got around to drinking it then. That was fortunate!



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