Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Pan!

This recipe is called One Pan for a very simple reason. Everything is cooked in the one pan! There are no hard and fast rules, however for our breakfast I used chorizo, basil pesto, swiss cheese, tomatoes, a little sprinkle of sweet, crunchy corn and of course free-range eggs.

Once you cook the chorizo, add the tomatoes and crack your eggs directly into the pan, no need to scramble first (the idea of this One Pan was to have perfectly soft yolks, that burst when sliced with your knife and act like a creamy egg sauce). Once the eggs have begun to cook, add drops of homemade basil pesto and the swiss cheese. Season and cook until ready to be portioned and served on crunchy toast (I have this fabulous new Country Life yeast, gluten and wheat free bread, pictured).

Best enjoyed with freshly squeezed orange juice, we keep our oranges in the fridge so the juice is sweetly chilled.

I once made this breakfast for my friend's Erin and Jade after a loooonnnnggg girls night out, filled with a cocktail or three and plenty of dancing. It worked a treat the following morning!

Incidentally, B. and I weren't hungover when I cooked this, we were going hiking to the stunning Blue Mountains and needed a decent breakfast to prepare us for the steep walk through the Australian bushland. However, if you are suffering from a mild hangover, I would recommend this breakfast, followed by a dip in the ocean. There's nothing like a bit of sea and salt to freshen you up to your former glorious self.

Bella xx

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