Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kiss Me Smoothie with Hemp Oil

I've just had the most incredible weekend (colourful photo diary to follow soon!).

Today was a throwback to Summer. Hot, dry heat blistered the tar on the road as I squinted under a bright blue sky. We arrived home this afternoon, after having missed lunch due to the scenic, long drive. I unpacked the car and lugged our weekend bags, cameras and laptop inside as my sticky shirt clung uncomfortably to my skin. The puppy made a half dozen or so pit-stops on the grassy lawn before racing up the front steps to refuel with a fresh bowl of water and collapsing on the cool floor for a nap. Too impatient toss together a salad, yet unable to decide what I wanted to eat I opted instead for a fresh berry and banana smoothie with a spicy ginger kick and healthy organic hemp oil (you'll notice that I couldn't wait to take a picture, I had a mouthful first, it's that delicious!).

Lunch dilemma solved!

Kiss Me Smoothie

Serves 2-3

2 bananas
100g fresh strawberries (2 small handfuls)
50g fresh blueberries (1 small handful)
2 tsp hemp oil
1 tsp finely grated ginger
*3/4 cup cloudy apple juice
ice optional

Blend all the ingredients together. Add half a tray of ice cubes to your blender if you would prefer a chilled smoothie. I opted for no ice when I made my smoothie this afternoon so I could glug it down quickly and it was beautiful. Sweet pieces of ruby red strawberries, indigo blueberries and creamy yellow banana in a thick pink smoothie, enhanced by fresh ginger.

*Fresh apple juice would be lovely, however I have also blended this smoothie with apricot nectar and it is DIVINE!!!

Super foods? Tick!
Essential fatty acids in organic hemp oil? Tick!
Obtaining dietary essential fatty acids through a renewable source that does not deplete our oceans fish populations? Tick!
Vegan? Tick!
Gluten Free? Tick!
Healthy? Tick!
Tasty? You bet!

I've developed a bit of a love affair with hemp oil. Our choice of hemp oil is certified organic, made in Australia and filled with all the benefits you should look for when incorporating an oil into your diet. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, a delicious nutty flavour, it can boost a weakened immune system, aid digestion and hormonal imbalance and acts as a natural moisturiser for hair and skin. We usually have one teaspoon per day, either by the teaspoonful or in a drink such as this gorgeous smoothie.

This right here is a refreshing smoothie that tastes so sweet and inviting and with the added bonus of incredible health benefits, you'll want to kiss the person who made it for you... And Byron did!

Happy weekend dear friends!

Bella xx


  1. Looks/sounds delicious, lady! We had a hot weekend here too - I think this smoothie would have hit the spot.

    I've noticed that many smoothie recipes call for banana, is this for consistency, or just flavour? I'm allergic so can't add them, & often find that the texture of my smoothies doesn't seem 'right'. Any recommendations?

    Sar, aka 'smoothie novice' xx

    1. That's an excellent question and I have a tasty solution: avocado!
      The flavour of the banana does contribute to plenty of smoothie flavours but to be honest, I think avocado adds the perfect consistency; thick and creamy. It tastes incredible too, is very healthy and adds a subtle flavour, not what you might expect.

  2. I definitely love any good smoothie recipe! Especially with hemp oil! Definitely will try this! Thank you!


    1. This one is a definite pick-me-up. I think it's the boost you need if you're feeling a bit flat in the afternoon.
      Do you have a favourite smoothie ingredient or flavour?

      Bella xx

  3. I haven't tried hemp oil before! I will have to give it a go because this looks yummy!!!!

    1. It has quite a mild, slightly nutty flavour. This particular brand has a bright green colour, however the colour and flavour are barely noticeable in the smoothie. I generally add it for the health benefits :)

      Bella xx

  4. Oh that looks sensational and have not used hemp in a while. Thanks and great reminder xxx

    1. Oh it was lovely! I've been drinking lots of green smoothies lately so it was a welcome change to have a smoothie loaded with berries, banana and ginger :)
      Bella xx


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