Sunday, September 29, 2013

39/52 Selfie

A portrait of my family once a week, every week in 2013

Byron: Using the 50mm f/1.8 lens to take a close up 'selfie' of his ecstatic smile.

This guy. He stole my heart a couple of years ago with this gorgeous smile and his boyish enthusiasm. Every day he flashes those perfectly straight teeth my direction and my heart beats a little harder, a little faster. We might not engage in as many crazy, spontaneous activities as we used to and with good reason. We've matured, we know each other. We are compassionate and caring. Sometimes an unplanned evening stroll is as exciting as pumping our fists at an ear-splitting live concert. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to sit down and share a long meal together, a luxury we savour due to our busy lifestyles and long work hours.

Sometimes going for a surf or a sea kayak, a skin dive or a day hike are just as exciting as that first night, when we drank sweet alcoholic shots, danced into the wee hours and fell into a taxi together, inseparable ever since. That night we stayed up late in my room talking about our very different lives, laughing at our stories, our different cultures, accents and plans for the future. That night rolled into two weeks that seemed to flash by in blurry motion.

At our wedding, our friend Isaac informed me that Byron had announced he would make me his girlfriend an hour or so after meeting me. He is a man of his word.

Today is Byron's 27th birthday. At 27 he has been married to me for 14 months. He has lived in Malaysia, Dubai and Australia. He has completed his studies at Le Cordon Bleu. He has captivated me for two and half years. He may father my children one day, if we're lucky. He has been my strongest supporter (Ok.. Equal with you, Mum!) and he has taught me patience and the power of dreaming big.

In his 27th year he will officially become certified as a PADI open water scuba diver, my present to him so that we may continue to share our love for the sea, marine conservation and the magic of feeling weightless in the deep blue sea.

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet man! To borrow a quote from a lady who inspired the both of us..

'You are the butter to my (gluten free) bread, and the breath to my life.'

~Joining Jodi and friends~

Love Bella xx

This week I love these pictures of sunset in the long grass, because they remind me of this beautiful day. I'm also digging this kitty swim cap (and the toy dinosaur!!). I want say a HUGE happy birthday to sweet Che for tomorrow. Six years old on the 30th, a day after Byron's birthday. September- you have been a beautiful month!

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  1. lovely smile. happy birthday and congratulations to you both on finding your true love! x

  2. i adore your love story, it oozes through every word! What an open smile, that is beautiful xxx

  3. How did you meet?? Oh and I love those teeth? I want perfect white chompers, Justin has them as well. Wished we lived closer, Justin has wanted to kayak since he tried it in Fiji earlier this year. I could send him out with Byron.

    ps Byron hope you have had an amazing birthday filled with love and laughter

  4. PS: one of my faves this week!


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Love Bella xx


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